'Finding Nemo 2' Coming from Director Andrew Stanton

July 17, 2012


A despondent Andrew Stanton finally has something to do with himself besides moping around the Disney•Pixar offices, telling anyone who will listen, "Sure, it had its issues, but come on, John Carter had some pretty cool stuff. Did you see not those space apes?"

Reportedly promised another unlikely shot at live-action if he'll sell off his soul to an animated sequel, John Carter director Andrew Stanton has reportedly agreed to come on to direct a second chapter to his 2003 hit Finding Nemo (coincidentally, back in theaters in 3D this fall!). This marks the fourth Pixar property to be turned into a franchise by the once-infallible, increasingly-sequel-hungry studio--they made three charming Toy Story films, a second Cars that won't go away, and a Monsters, Inc. prequel that's arriving next summer--and the first to be directed by Stanton, who also helmed A Bug's Life and WALL-E. No word on plot specifics for the sequel, but if Pixar is anywhere near as smart as the makers of Taken, THIS TIME THEY'RE COMING FOR MARLIN.

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