First 'Dredd' Clip: Finally, a Movie Lets You Watch Skin Flab Ripple Through Gunshots

July 13, 2012


The first trailer for Dredd strongly hinted that a slow-motion drug in the film might function equally as a source of conflict and a bizarre contrivance to excuse the film's excess of slow-mo action. This first clip from the film quickly (but also realllly slowly) confirms this theory, with Karl Urban taking the video's full one-minute running time just to dispatch four guys with a machine gun. Adding several more level of gratuitousness, the clip also features CGI blood that literally bursts out of the frame (into the letterboxing!), seas of grossly rippling flesh, an out-of-focus tit, and, because that still isn't excessive enough, a slowly precipitating haze of miniature lens flares permeating throughout. At last, visual evidence of the aether visionary director Zack Snyder has long-theorized as the transmission medium for totally sweet fight scenes.

(Thanks, MP Nelson!)

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