First Look at 'Elysium': Matt Damon Robo-Armed and Shorn

July 5, 2012


In March of next year, District 9 Neill Blomkamp will once again stick a weirdo sci-fi arm in a torso of socio-economic criticism with Elysium, a year 2159-set tale depicting a society that's been divided between a lovely space station for the privileged and plain ol' shitty Earth for the rest of us. The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has for us the first image from the film (via!), giving us a first look at Matt Damon channeling his inner Bruce Willis into being a worried-looking bald guy with a huge gun--which, as some kind of futuristic border guard, he uses to fend off any would-be illegal immigrants trying to get on the luxury space station. Come the 2160 elections, a crazy, Earth-encircling space fence is clearly going to be a key issue for the Synthesized Tea Party.

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