'Goats' Trailer: Coming of Age with a Bleating, Feral Duchovny

July 11, 2012


The question of what to do with a post-X-Files David Duchovny--aside from ever-stretching his tenure on Californication and letting him shill for dog food--has a new answer: uh, cover him in hair and have him do some goat calls? Christopher Neil's directorial debut, Goats, is a coming-of-age comedy that casts Duchovny as "Goat Man," a caveman-esque botanist and "goat trekker" who plays surrogate father to a young man (Graham Phillips) leaving for prep school and struggling to bridge the divide between his hippy mom (Vera Farmiga) and rich, absentee father (Ty Burrell). We can only pray Duchovny's nude bleating will somehow sort that out.

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