Here's a Gritty, Live-Action Adaptation of the Three Little Pigs

July 23, 2012


Using $10,000 from Kickstarter and a lot of time and horrifying pig prosthetics, Tulsa-based independent filmmakers Pocket Full of All Stars have been putting together the most inappropriately dark interpretation of the Three Little Pigs story since Green Jellÿ's take: The Brick House, a feature-length film that re-imagines the fairy tale as a story about estranged, pig-snouted brothers in equal conflict with each other and a pack of criminal wolves. Watch a trailer below, and expect the full project to start heading for festivals this fall. Also expect a Hollywood press release announcing the development of "3LP, an edgy new fairy tale from a producer of Paranormal Activity" any minute now.

I really hope that this house invasion scenario doesn't--in a Straw Dogs-like move--lead to a gruesome pig rape scene. Because... man, come on.

(reddit, via!)

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