'Hi Custodian' Trailer: Oh, Dirty Projectors Made a Movie; They're a Band, Mom

July 3, 2012


Directed by Dirty Projectors' warbling frontman David Longstreth, Hi Custodian is an impressionistic-looking film that, according to Pitchfork, stars Longstreth and his band of fellow musicians/harmonizers in such roles as a yōkai (a shapeshifting Japanese ghost, duh), a truck driver and a newborn (same person plays both), and "sister Fates in an unindividuated dyad," because of course those are the characters in a Dirty Projectors movie. Hi Custodian also features some unreleased tracks and new songs from the band's upcoming album, Swing Lo Magellan. Here's a trailer. It's safe for work, but only if you're okay with an obnoxious passerby inevitably saying "that looks fucked up, bro" and/or "dude, we have GOT to get stoned and watch that."

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