Updated 'Jumanji' Remake, Another 'Men in Black' Among Sony's Desperate Plans for the Future

July 19, 2012


Wait, wasn't that the point of Zathura?

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter (via), Sony's Columbia Pictures president Doug Belgrad offered up some surprising news for the world of African wildlife board games come to life. Without offering up any details, Belgrad suggested his studio is working on remaking the 1995 Robin Williams film Jumanji, saying, "We're going to try and reimagine and update it for the present," modernizing the fantasy-comedy with contemporary stampedes to replace the dated, grunge-era rhinoceros. And maybe with Ben Stiller, since Adam Sandler is already doing Candy Land.

Following the decent-enough success of the latest Men in Black--which only made $175 million of its $225 million budget back domestically, but picked up another $440 million in Will Smith-loving overseas markets--Belgrad is now describing that as "an ongoing franchise." He promises his studio will indeed make another MiB, but added, "we don't have clarity yet on how it should be done." That will probably come into focus as Jaden Smith's mustache fills in.

Less ominously, Belgrad also reminded us 21 Jump Street 2 has been quietly developing and is already prepared to shoot this fall, giving Channing Tatum another impending sequel to go alongside G.I. Joe 2 and Magic Mike Returns. He really might as well get it over with and announce The Vow 2: This Time HE Gets Clunked in the Head!

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