Lindsay Lohan Might Be in 'Scary Movie 5', Which Seems Very Right

July 11, 2012


Having proved herself a viable star by successfully shooting a Lifetime Original Movie, a vindicated Lindsay Lohan is ready to sink her newsprint-shaded teeth into the kind of juicy role you only find hidden amongst some lazy Paranormal Activity references.

TheWrap reports the somehow-26-year-old actress has deepened her perpetual troubles by entering talks to join Scary Movie 5, the misguided sequel currently being assembled by David Zucker and Malcolm Lee. She would be joining already-cast star Ashley Tisdale, and considering the film is said to be a questionably-timed Black Swan parody, it's not much of a stretch to imagine Lohan would be playing the aging, embittered fading star analogue to the Winona Ryder character. Then again, it's also not much of a stretch to imagine she's just playing herself, saving the filmmakers the trouble of otherwise having Carmen Electra play that part and elevating Lohan's career to its next obvious stage: emulating Shaq. Well done, casting department/Fate.

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