'Loneliest Planet' Trailer Argues For Then Against Honeymooning in Georgia

July 5, 2012


In The Loneliest Planet, Gael Garcia Bernal and Hani Furstenberg play a young engaged couple that hire a guide and explore Georgia's Caucasus Mountains, having just the kind of beautiful adventure the Georgia Tourist Bureau advertised in their "See Georgia! (Not the state)" campaign. UNTIL, that is, a brief but important gesture drives a wedge in the relationship and, per the official synopsis, "threatens to undo everything the couple believed about each other and about themselves." Naturally, this trailer does not spoil what said gesture is, but it does do a nice job setting up the dramatic shift in tone from carefree travelogue to on-edge dissonance. You'll just have to imagine what the gesture could be, and whether or not it involves Gael Garcia Bernal announcing a bathroom break by verbally spelling out "BRB."

Guys, I think the loneliest planet might be Earth.

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