Nerd Rage Shuts Down Rotten Tomatoes Comments for 'Dark Knight Rises'

July 18, 2012


Thanks, guys. Now none of us can tell Rotten Tomatoes readers that "Batman rulez."

For the first time in the review aggregate site's history, Rotten Tomatoes has been forced to turn off comments for a film after a slew of "profane and threatening remarks" were made toward critics who dared admit they didn't like The Dark Knight Rises all that much. Though the Christopher Nolan trilogy closer hasn't actually come out yet, fans are apparently so adamant that it's definitely a really good movie that, according to Rotten Tomatoes editor-in-chief Matt Atchity, "The job of policing the comments became more than my staff could handle for that film, so we stopped the comments altogether." Like they want us to keep all our utterly-ignorant hostility on YouTube or something.

Fearing similar vitriol if and when The Hobbit gets a few negative reviews--because fuck you, assholes, The Hobbit is sweeeeet--the site is reportedly looking at changing their system, with Atchity saying they may "get to a place where comments are only activated after a movie opens," boldly asking commenters to at least have maybe seen the film before promising to murder any negative reviewers. The site is also considering removing comments altogether--stifling the First Amendment right to anonymous nerdy tantrum--or shifting from to a Facebook-based commenting system. It might not end the preemptive outrage, but at least then we'd know it's Mitch W. who thinks 'Ebert can suck a big d Gollum 4 ever.'"


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