New 'Taken 2' Trailer Has Big Taken Reveal

July 6, 2012


In the previous, extremely-Takeny trailer for Taken 2, loving father/murderer Liam Neeson grumbled, "Your mother is gonna be Taken," both warning his daughter of coming danger and alerting audiences that this sure is a Taken movie. However, if you believe Liam Neeson's re-worded monologue in this new international trailer, it seems we may have--are you ready for this?--a SECOND TAKENING to worry about. I don't want to spoil it for you, but let's just say, good luck Takening Liam Neeson, you stupid SOBs. (Liam Neeson is also getting Taken.)

Is there anyone who has seen this and not wanted Neeson to say "gonna be taken... too"? If the studio is screening this for test audiences, I bet that's practically all they're getting back on the comment cards, and maybe a couple "Liam Neeson should punch a hole in a dude's gut and flog him with his own intestines."

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