'Nurse 3D' Continues Nipple-Based Marketing Campaign

July 24, 2012


Was the image of a naked, blood-covered Paz de la Huerta too subtle a Nurse 3D poster for you? Well, here's a new one-sheet that cuts out all the extraneous stuff like "a face" and "anything besides a boob" and gets right to the point. The point being sucking on a boob (it is not safe for work, you guys):

Léon: The Professional is gettin' his, y'all.

Anyway, aside from all interpretations of "nursing," Nurse 3D concerns a nurse named Abby Russell (de la Huerta) whose daytime altruism hides a secret life of violently punishing unfaithful men. It will probably come out sometime later this year.

'Nurse 3-D' Poster [IMPA]

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