Peter Jackson Finished Shooting 'The Hobbit'

July 6, 2012


After 266 days of recording men pretending to be dwarves, principal photography on Peter Jackson's two-part The Hobbit adaptation has drawn to a close.

Fighting through director changes, hobbit racism, union demands, ulcer perforations, probably some streakers, the ever-present unspoken fear that Ian McKellen might... you know, he's getting pretty old and all... and so on, Jackson wrapped production about 18 hours ago, posting to Facebook the above photo and the message:

We made it! Shoot day 266 and the end of principal photography on The Hobbit. Thanks to our fantastic cast and crew for getting us this far, and to all of you for your support! Next stop, the cutting room. Oh, and Comic Con!

Cheers, Peter J

As a reminder, the film is due December 14 of this year, so everyone involved should maybe kind of hurry up with this. Andy Serkis's ping-pong-ball-covered body isn't going to turn itself into a squirrelly caveman grandma.

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