Peter Jackson Probably Stretching 'The Hobbit' Out into a Third Movie

July 25, 2012


It hasn't even been a month since Peter Jackson gleefully announced the end of principal shooting on The Hobbit, but already the director is looking for a way to return to the fantasy realm of Middle Earth. Nerd.

Though The Hobbit's production was plagued with issues like director drop-outs, hobbit racism, union demands, and ulcer perforations, sources say an undeterred Jackson wants to devote even more of his life to shooting sweeping, dwarf-filled vistas. He reportedly wants to spend another couple months in New Zealand next summer to extend his two-part Hobbit adaptation into a full trilogy, turning his full Tolkien epic into a six-part series that is going to take all day to watch if you keep insisting on the director's cuts.

At Comic Con, Jackson already hinted that he'd like to shoot more footage, but it's said that only now has this talk escalated to the point of really happening, with Warner Bros. beginning the complicated work of re-securing the rights and actors before Orlando Bloom gives up and joins a CBS procedural or something.

While a source told the Hollywood Reporter the decision to make a third film is "about taking the chance to tell more of the incredible tale with the cast we have assembled," it is thus far unclear what this incredible tale will involve exactly, since drawing The Hobbit out to two parts already meant padding the story considerably to bridge it into The Lord of the Rings trilogy. If the extended Tolkien universe explored in fan fiction is any indication, probably something about Gandalf rubbing his beard on Bilbo's nude torso.

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