Non-RoboCop 'RoboCop' Robots Revealed as Viral Campaign Thing Begins

July 9, 2012


Kicking off a RoboCop viral campaign that will almost certainly lead to a costume reveal and all the internet-based vitriol likely to come with that, Columbia Pictures and MGM have set up a product site selling the war machines of OmniCorp, the Hugh Laurie-led mega-corporation that creates the cyborg officer as a technologically-sophisticated way to popularize "drop it" as a catchphrase. At the site as well as below, you can see another of OmniCorp's products--an unmanned aerial drone--and a video that gives some vague close-ups teasing the "RC-2000," which at first seems like RoboCop but, according to a quick Google search, could also be an energy-efficient rubber roof coating or a controller for a Kenwood stereo system. This viral campaign is already so layered, you guys.




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