Russell Crowe Will Make You a Bill Hicks Biopic

July 23, 2012


Maybe this will finally get Ray Winstone started on his Mitch Hedberg movie.

Russell Crowe is going to make his feature directorial debut with a movie about the tragically-short life of comedian Bill Hicks, reports The Telegraph (via), who spoke to screenwriter Mark Staufer.

"The screenplay has gone through a number of drafts and we'll go into production early next year," said Staufer, who is an old schoolmate of Crowe and is thus familiar with "The Crowe's Nest," which is what I imagine is what the actor called the suped-up old van he would take girls back to. Crowe had once eyed the Hicks part for himself, but is now reportedly casting a wide net to find someone else to play the late comedian. And you know, Russ, you're not the only tough guy trying to get into comedy...

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