Terry Gilliam's Personal Archive of Awesome Stuff Slowly Coming Online

July 25, 2012


All the cool old stuff Terry Gilliam has been hoarding from his long career of animation and film work is slowly making its way to the internet, thanks to the filmmaker's daughter. Holly Gilliam has taken on the massive task of organizing and archiving her father's vast collection--"all his work from pre-Python days, as a cartoonist, photojournalist & assistant editor for Help! magazine, through all his original artwork and cut-outs for Python animation, posters, logos and generally everything Python, to his storyboards, designs and sketches for his feature films and other non-film related projects"--and lucky for Gilliam fans, she's photographing what she unearths and posting to a blog. There isn't a ton to see right now, but more keeps coming, and already she's promising "dad's storyboards & doodles from The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus" will be arriving shortly. Follow along here (via), and keep checking back to see how many mummified dwarf remains turn up.

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