'The Oranges' Trailer: House MD's May-December Romance

July 25, 2012


In a battle of the network stars that pits the cast of The West Wing against former competitors from Fox and the CW, The Oranges stars Hugh Laurie, Alia Shawcat, Adam Brody, Catherine Keener, Leighton Meester, Oliver Platt and Allison Janney, as neighboring families thrown into turmoil when Laurie and Meester are discovered to be in a clandestine relationship, grossing everyone out. As loyal House, M.D. viewers might recall, Meester and Laurie already have a short history of romantic tension, and last time they shared the screen, Meester's shirt came off pretty fast. This time, Oliver Platt's shirt comes off. Gender equality has taken a dismal turn.

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