Thomas Jane Decides He's Still The Punisher, Makes Hyper-Violent, Self-Produced Fan Film

July 16, 2012


Driven by the murders of his fictional wife and daughter, and by how Ray Stevenson stole his part in the most recent Punisher film, Thomas Jane bitterly returns to the role of comic book vigilante Frank Castle in Dirty Laundry, an unsanctioned ten-minute Punisher short debuted at Comic Con. Jane--who once unabashedly, nerdily campaigned for the role of Jonah Hex by taking photos of his cosplay--made the fan film with a small crew "throwing in their time just for the fun of it." The fun of painful-to-watch assault followed by vengeance porn, that is!

In the short--which features a brief appearance by the always-great Ron Perlman--the Punisher attempts to do his Punisher laundry but ends up getting distracted by a sudden uprising of painfully-vocal rape and violent child assault going on in his neighborhood; from there, things descend into a whole lot of CGI blood-sprayed murder. It seems the idea was to make something more gritty and realistic than Jane's hammy, dismally-received 2004 vehicle, and while the film is undeniably, grossly gritty, it sort of loses me on the realism bit--starting with when Punisher struts into the laundromat and for some reason immediately tosses his clothes in the dryer. Everyone knows "dry only" isn't allowed, Punisher.

(Note: if my description did not clue you in already, this is NSFW, and it's ridiculous.)

The greatest heroes begin as rape-permissive near-accessories. That can be the tagline if a studio decides to run with this.


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