Weekend Box Office: Suburban Aliens and Street Dancing Cannot Defeat The Batman

July 30, 2012


Your weekend box office:

1. The Dark Knight Rises - $64 million, easily winning a slow box office weakened by the Olympics. Turns out Batman's truest enemies are televised competitive swimming and a Mr. Bean sketch.

2. Ice Age: Continental Drift - $13.3 million. The sequel is lagging behind the box office of its predecessors, but considering we made thirteen Land Before Time films, I can't imagine that means much in terms of stopping.

3. The Watch - $13 million. Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill should maybe reevaluate their vacation plans.

4. Step Up Revolution - $11.8 million. Why watch dancing in a theater when the city of London is so rich with ailing, bed-ridden children just waiting to jump around and entertain us?

5. Ted - $7.4 million, bringing the lifetime gross to $193 million and making the film Mark Wahlberg's biggest movie of all time. Makes sense once you realize "Good Vibrations" was about shouting at a CGI bear.

Weekend Box Office Results [Box Office Mojo]

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