'Why Stop Now' Trailer: Jesse Eisenberg Awkwardness Meets Tracy Morgan Belligerence

July 5, 2012


IFC's Why Stop Now assigns a typically-awkward, borderline autistic Jesse Eisenberg two familiar errands for the day: take prescription drug-addicted mother (Melissa Leo) to rehab, and audition for piano school. Unfortunately for our gawky, mop-headed hero, the former request gets complicated when the clinic rejects Leo for lack of drugs in her system, sending the mother and son to drug dealer Tracy Morgan so that he might refill Leo with enough Oxycontin to get her admitted; Morgan ends up needing a re-up on the pills, thusly thrusting the group into a classic, increasingly-thorny "I just want to do this so I can do this important thing in time!" scenario that includes pill popping, the pronounced scent of feet, and Eisenberg finally receiving the violent shoving you've always wanted to give him. Watch the trailer below, then thank it for revealing that Eisenberg makes it to the audition and Tracy Morgan briefly stops shouting to become a solemn dispenser of encouragement.

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