You're Getting Another 'Sleeping Beauty' Adaptation

July 17, 2012


Modernized, to reflect today's contemporary comas! Also, it's a comedy about stalking.

While Hailee Steinfeld is attached to a dream-based Sleeping Beauty, Angelina Jolie is at work on a villain-based Sleeping Beauty, and director Julia Leigh's recent Sleeping Beauty exists as a means of accidentally introducing your child to comatose prostitution, producer Neal Moritz and writers Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller are now developing a Sleeping Beauty said to paint the title character as an obsessed stalker, because no one has done that yet, they don't think. Focusing on a male protagonist, the modern-day comedy would see the guy accidentally awakening a female lead who becomes immediately infatuated and starts stalking him. But not scary, Dateline Special stalking. Funny stalking! You know, the kind Anna Farris will probably end up doing.

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