'Arrested Development' Still Real: Tobias, Michael, Lindsay, Stair Car Spotted

August 9, 2012


Confirming once again that this series is legitimately happening (let's say confirming for the last time, because I don't really want to ruin something we've been waiting six years for), and that it has not been re-cast with the stars of Workaholics, here's a look at Jason Bateman and David Cross on the set of Arrested Development. Tobias is draped in a sheet! Michael is in a University of Phoenix undershirt! So that's how this thing is getting funded.

Below, prepare to have your mind blown when you see the Bluth Company stair car like you've never seen it before.


THE HOP-ON-PRONE STAIR CAR IS ITSELF A HOP-ON. Incepted Development, yeah?

More Bateman, Cross, and Portia De Rossi here; stair car from here.

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