James Franco To Play Evil Meth Magnate Again

August 1, 2012


Didn't he already do this in Green Hornet? Yes, but now he'll have a standard-model Jason Statham character to contend with. And he'll be named "Gator."

Variety reports James Franco is attached to join Millennium Films' Homefront as "an evil meth magnate named Gator," which is probably only like the eighth or ninth most ridiculous role the actor has accepted in the last year. Jason Statham is already attached to play the film's lead: Phil Broker, an ex-DEA agent who moves his family out to the country in the hopes of finally taking off the holster and suit that is the uniform of every Jason Statham character. Unfortunately, this former drug enforcement officer somehow never heard about how remote towns are notorious for meth abuse, and our generically-named hero runs into some trouble with Franco's backwoods kingpin, Gator. Better get your suit pressed, Stath!

Kiss the Girls director Gary Fleder is set to helm from a script by Sylvester Stallone--who, over the course of two Expendables films, has carefully honed the craft of writing for Statham. What I'm saying is, Franco's inevitable death will almost certainly be punctuated with a "Later, Gator."

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