'Justice League' Likely To Be Our First Date with New Batman

August 29, 2012


The Dark Knight Rises is still in theaters raking in money, but with Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale officially out of the Batman game, Warner Bros. is of course already pondering how they'll introduce the world to their next generation of reluctant Mountain Dew spokesman. Their solution? Probably just toss him in with Aquaman and whoever.

Extremely specific website Batman-on-Film claims that, according to a reliable source, whoever the new Batman is will be given his meet-and-greet in the studio long-planned, recently-revived Justice League. Indeed, this approach would seem to go along with what newish Warner Film President Jeff Robinov suggested over a year ago, when he first put forward his contrarian idea for his superhero ensemble film: instead of first introducing the superheroes in solo films, Robinov's concept was to first toss all the heroes into the clusterfuck of a group film, then give the deserving characters their shots at solo films--his thought process being, "Eff you, Marvel, we're doin' the opposite! Awooooooo!"

The downside to this approach, of course, is that there would seem to be less room for whoever takes over the Batman franchise to have the flexibility Nolan had in creating his own, auteur-driven vision. But on the upside, now the familiar, domino-mask-covered face of Ryan Reynolds will at least presumably be there to ease the Bat-transition and say, "Look, you may not like me, but you know me, and despite this guy in the bat costume looking totally different now, let me tell you, dude is totally Batman." Ryan Reynolds, welcome to being Chris O'Donnell.


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