Kristen Stewart Likely Cut Out of Her Snow White Sequel

August 15, 2012


If director Rupert Sanders wants to do any canoodling on the set of his Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, he'll have to take to the warm embrace of Thor.

Following a highly-publicized affair between Sanders and Kristen Stewart that shook all the glitter off the real-life romance behind Twilight, Universal Pictures has decided against putting those two on a set together again, THR reports. Though the studio's long-held plans for a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel will still move forward, now the focus will reportedly shift from the Snow White part to the Huntsman, turning Chris Hemsworth into the definitive star of the fairy tale franchise. It's not yet officially confirmed that Sanders is still directing the film, but that's apparently not expected to change, as Universal's ire seems directed entirely at Stewart. Whether that's due to old fashioned sexist bias, a reliance on Sanders' creative vision, or that, goddammit, Bella, you betrayed a love that could have lasted an eternity, is up to you. Doesn't really matter. Jeremy Renner will be a fine Snow White.

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