Larry David's Movie Sounds Exactly Like a Larry David Movie

August 6, 2012


The plot of Larry David's improvised HBO film has been revealed, and it sounds like one hell of a bald, four-eyed fuck of a thing. In the best way possible.

The LA Times has a summary from the treatment David has written up, and it's almost impossible to read without Curb's familiar tuba kicking in:

The plot concerns a marketing executive named Lenny (David) who is helping to market a new electric car. Because he objects to the name (it's "the Howard," after "The Fountainhead's" Howard Roark), Lenny gets into a fight with the creator, a colleague named Haney, and in a fit of Davidian pique gives Haney back his stake in the project.

This being a David story line, the car of course goes on to become a huge success, making Haney absurdly wealthy and leaving Larry out of the money.

So, already it's the car investment opportunity gone awry of Curb's car periscope episode and the "you owe me some of the fortune" premise of LD's Sour Grapes meets David's love of fuel-efficient vehicles--plus, the name "Haney," which is the epitome of the disyllabic Seinfeld villain name, made specifically to be angrily hissed. And that's barely scratching the bald surface of the film's larger, hugely-Davidian plot: there's also said to be the expected bald jokes, classic "cosmic coincidences and karma-is-a-beast turns," diatribes about accepted societal norms like "putting electrical outlets out of sight," and stupidly genius ideas for improving inventions (he wants the car to have a flap for on-the-road peeing). If that's not Davidy enough for you, there's even a running joke about the The Eagles to hark back to the famously-Eagles-centric Seinfeld episode "The Checks" (The Times suggests there could be a cameo, too, you lucky Don Henley fans). The project still has no title, but given what we now know, sticking with the default "Larry David Comedy Project" is sounding like an increasingly appropriate idea.

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