Photographic Evidence (Sort Of): 'Arrested Development' Is Shooting for Real

August 7, 2012


As tweeted by Jason Bateman and confirmed by Deadline, today was Arrested Development's first day of shooting for the new season that will premiere on Netflix and probably immediately break it. Barring any natural disasters, sudden deaths, or laryngitis from Ron Howard, this is really happening, you guys. Not that you'd know it from the image Bateman tweeted from the set, though. As you can see above, none of the expected cast or sets are anywhere to be seen; all we've got is what looks like a couple of the guys from Workaholics working at an airline desk. Could Mrs. Featherbottom be tackling the airport security hassles already touched upon by his/her elderly drag contemporary, Madea? More on this as I continue obsessively following every detail.

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