'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Returning to Theaters in IMAX To Quietly Delight Harrison Ford Again

August 15, 2012


If you'd like to see Raiders of the Lost Ark again, but larger than before, you're in luck: cashing in on the whole "let's re-release this popular movie in a flashy format" thing that's recently made a bunch of money for Titanic and The Lion King, Paramount is putting the first Indiana Jones film back in IMAX theaters for a week next month.

Having learned his lesson from cutting all the guns and penis breaths from E.T. and later regretting it, director Steven Spielberg claims there won't be any of storywriter George Lucas's famous "fixes" to dread when it hits theaters on September 7th. Those who like to point out, "look, you can see the glass separating Harrison Ford from that snake," will still be able to do so, so get ready to hear someone saying that.

As for how a 30-year-old print looks blown up to IMAX size, Spielberg adds that while he once had some reservations, now that he's seen the finished product and it's too late to say it looks like a horrible waste of money, he thinks the film looks better than ever, saying, "I sat there [watching Raiders of the Lost Ark on IMAX for the first time], I think, probably with my mouth open a little wider than it normally is." Harrison Ford knows the feeling:

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