Robert Pattinson Will Be Lawrence of Arabia

August 15, 2012


With Peter O'Toole recently retired from acting, and also 80-years-old and probably drunk, Robert Pattinson has stepped forward to tuck his hair into T.E. Lawrence's keffiyeh.

To address what you're already dreading, no, this isn't about a remake of David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia. Pattinson is appropriately following up his work with David Cronenberg with a film from Werner Herzog, taking the role of Lawrence opposite Naomi Watts in Herzog's biopic on writer/archaeologist/political officer Gertrude Bell, Queen of the Desert. Shooting is expected to begin by fall, giving Herzog a head start on Ridley Scott's languishing rival project and Pattinson a early chance to make things even with a steamy affair with his sexy director. TEAM PATTINZOG.

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