T. Hanks Working on Kennedy Assassination Drama

August 17, 2012


Tom Hanks continues his mission to re-write all of modern American history--HANKS STYLE.

Having already tackled WWII, the space race, 9/11, the popularity of Dan Brown books, and all the bullshit from Forrest Gump, Hanks is now moving on to the Kennedy assassination with Parkland, a JFK indie drama he'll produce for writer-director Peter Landesman. Variety reports the film will take an approach similar to Emilio Estevez's Bobby--though I bet with less Lindsay Lohan and Harry Belafonte--built around an ensemble of characters peripheral to the assassination, including an FBI agent, a doctor, a reporter, some Secret Service guys, presidential staff, Lee Harvey Oswald's older brother, Jackie Kennedy, and Abraham Zapruder, the women's clothier whose famously recorded the murder for conspiracy theorists to pore over from thereafter. The title of the film, Parkland, is a reference to Parkland Memorial Hospital, the center where Kennedy, Oswald, and later Jack Ruby as well, were pronounced dead. It's not yet clear if Hanks will play a role or every role.

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