'Willy Wonka' Director Mel Stuart Dies

August 10, 2012


Mel Stuart--the director whose adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remains the definitive film version of the tale, no matter what Johnny Depp will tell you--has reportedly died at the age of 83.

Outside the world of orangish dwarves, Stuart largely kept himself to documentary work, earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary for the John F. Kennedy assassination film Four Days in November in 1965. The year before that, Stuart won an Emmy for his televised documentary The Making of the President 1960; he would go on to be nominated for another four, the last in 1997 for American Masters. His last film was The Hobart Shakespeareans, on which he worked with Sir Ian McKellen to tell the story of an inspiring teacher working in a rough Los Angeles neighborhood.

He's survived by wife, Roberta, and his three children, who would ask that, in the interest of good taste, that we not all post "you lose; good day, sir" clips as a response.

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