'Arrested Development' Glasses, To Drink Away the Time Until the New Season

September 12, 2012


Somewhere, there's an alternate dimension where Arrested Development was never canceled, a third film is being prepped, and these drinking glasses are currently available for purchase at Burger King with any BK Combo Meal. Thankfully, while our dimension did err in pulling the show off the air, we will never make the mistake of ever asking anyone to willfully eat at Burger King: you can simply buy these etched glasses at this Etsy store (via), where they also sell a variety of other, similarly-nerdy, blatantly-unlicensed drinking accessories to keep you from ever buying the glassware of a mature adult.

Our dimension also notably has that new, intertwining season of Arrested Development headed to Netflix next spring, so honestly, you can just fuck right off, Dimension 2. Anyway, here are some more AD-themed glasses:



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