Behind-the-Scenes Look at 'White House Down': Channing Tatum Fights Terrorists with a Toaster

September 27, 2012


The election is almost upon us, but the truer, more ridiculously-literal wars for the White House are still to come, with both Gerard Butler and Channing Tatum starring in separate films about a cool guy with abs saving the President from an attack on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In this behind-the-scenes feature from the Entertainment Tonight, get a first look at Tatum and director Roland Emmerich's take on this suddenly-thriving sub-genre, White House Down. Always as hard-hitting as they are always shouting, ET got the scoop that Tatum will probably be shirtless, and will definitely hit guys with a toaster and take a (probably shirtless) dip in the White House pool. So now you know what you're up against Gerard Butler. Shirtlessness, toasters-as-weapons, and an indoor pool. And terrorists in the White House, obviously.


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