'Cloud Atlas' Banners Reveal, Wait, That Woman is Hugo Weaving?

September 25, 2012


We've already taken a disturbingly long gaze at the many Tom Hanks variants of Cloud Atlas. Now, thanks to some banners on the film's Facebook, we're getting a closer look at some of the other actors in their many costumes, and according the captions there: the Puerto Rican Kathy Bates to the right? Hugo Weaving, apparently!

More surprising reveals below.


Korean actress Doona Bae flanked by Asian versions of Hugh Grant and Jim Sturgess. Grant's character was definitely the villain in an episode of Deep Space Nine, right?


The more recognizable scowl of Hugo Weaving, with Halle Berry and Keith David. Keith David is in this?


Crochet-loving tattoo-face Hanks with Future Berry.


James D'Arcy and Ben Whishaw, just thinkin'.


Sturgess, Bae, Sturgess's playfully-exposed ass cheek, and part of a gun.


Doona Bae and a first look at Hanks in Jet Mode.

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