Coens Return to 'Fargo', Murray Returns to Wes Anderson, and More

September 25, 2012


- Men in Black director Barry Sonnenfeld is reportedly in talks to continue his work in clandestine organizations that fight CGI creatures with Lore, an adaptation of Ashley Wood's graphic novel about a secret order defending the world against not-so-mythological creatures. Dwayne Johnson is attached to provide the film's charismatic grins.

- FX may have figured out how to make their stab at a Fargo TV series go a little better than the 1997 attempt that never made it past pilot: they're getting the Coen brothers involved. When you're making a Fargo, those are definitely the guys to get.

- Bill Murray and Angela Lansbury have have each confirmed their rumored participation in Wes Anderson's upcoming Grand Budapest Hotel. If they somehow end up dating on set, I get credit for "Lansmurray."

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