'Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary' Trailer Casts a 3rd-Level Nerdiness Spell

September 11, 2012


2014 marks the 40th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons, the game that introduced millions to role-playing games and, of course, indoctrinated countless children with clandestine messages of devil worship and the occult. To celebrate this four-decade journey of the imagination, a group of filmmakers are staying up all night on Mountain Dew to put together a documentary, taking a closer look at creator Gary Gygax, a history of the game, and its broader influence beyond the weird lunchroom table and into modern culture. As the filmmakers' description reads, "Imagine The Social Network, the creation of Facebook, but no one ends up rich." (Except those who raided the hoard of a great wyrm, naturally.)

There's already a trailer below, but to finish production and post, the crew needs some funding from Kickstarter, so give this pitch a look, and if you're interested, maybe send over some money and roll the dice on some independent filmmakers. Haha, "roll the dice"! Because of the game's heavy reliance on dice-rolling to determine outcomes.

(Thanks, Chris)

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