First Footage from 'Lincoln': See Lincoln in Action, Shuffling Around in a Blanket

September 10, 2012


Following what turned out to be a false alarm last week, here's the actual first footage from Steven Spielberg's Lincoln. Like all the other official marketing released for the film, this brief preview still manages to withhold a head-on, direct view of Daniel Day-Lewis's take on the president, but that should be remedied on Thursday, when a full trailer is scheduled to be released. Only a few days left to continue assuming the other half of Lincoln's head looks like a Terminator.

As you likely noticed at the end of the teaser, this video is also announcing a live Google Hangout to take place Thursday, 7PM EDT with Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Always selective about his parts, Day-Lewis is holding out for a more prestigious Skype video conference.

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