'Identity Thief' Trailer: Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy Play a Game of Cat and Halfling-esque Mouse

September 27, 2012


When a Florida woman he describes as Hobbit-like steals and maxes out his credit card, Jason Bateman for some reason decides a vigilante road trip is the best course of action in Identity Thief, the latest from Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon and the writer of two Scary Movies and the second Hangover. Judging by this trailer, Bateman, McCarthy, and several vehicles will be severely mangled in the ensuing pursuit. But then, one doesn't get involved in a state-to-state car chase with an identity thief because it's safe. They do it because they don't understand how credit card fraud claims work.

And that's why you should avoid credit cards and manage your finances entirely in commodity stockpiles.

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