'Independence Day' Sequel Titles Welcomed to Earth

September 12, 2012


Though Roland Emmerich has been keeping himself busy fucking up the White House with Channing Tatum, the director hasn't forgotten his promise to let aliens once again fuck it up too.

Speaking to FilmStarts (via), Emmerich still sounded uncertain if his long-promised sequel(s) to Independence Day would not go quietly into the night, but he did offer some clues as to what the future holds if negotiations between 20th Century Fox and a reluctant Judd Hirsch ever do work out.

Firstly, there would be a pair of sequels, with the studio packaging them together in a deal that's proving "a tough battle between the studio and the actors." Second, while the director calls himself a "3D skeptic"--rather surprising, for a guy whose reputation is built upon CGI rubble--a plan is already in place to convert the films to 3D, allowing Will Smith's welcome-to-Earth punches to truly permeate the audience. And finally, Emmerich offered up some titles to these would-be sequels: ID Forever, Parts 1 and 2! It's unclear if perhaps a punny "ID4-Ever" may be the true intention, merely lost in translation, but either way: TODAY WE CELEBRATE OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY SEQUEL TITLES FOREVER.

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