Kate Winslet's 'Titanic' Screen Test Reveals Jeremy Sisto's Interpretation of Being King of the World

September 11, 2012


You've seen Titanic updated with 3D and a more scientifically-accurate night sky; now, see the 1997 classic with its most technologically-amazing upgrade yet: the addition of former Law & Order star Jeremy Sisto. In this just-released Kate Winslet screen test--included on the Titanic Blu-ray, out today!--have a glimpse of an awkward pairing that could have been with eight minutes of Winslet acting opposite Sisto's flat, charisma-devoid take on Jack. It's pretty weird.

Wisely, director James Cameron would of course later replace Sisto with Leonardo DiCaprio, editing out the line where an elderly Rose was to mutter, "Now, with Jack, think that guy from Six Feet Under. Not Peter Krauss, or Dexter, or Freddy Rodriguez. You know, the one from Clueless." And that's film history.

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