Mankind Now Redundant in Determining Degrees of Kevin Bacon

September 13, 2012


Just as a generation born after calculators never bothered with mental math, children born after today will likely grow up never learning to calculate Michael Keaton's Bacon Number of two, thanks to Google.

Furthering their grip on the internet, our minds, and games you might play on long car trips, the tech giant has now implemented Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon into Google's search function. Typing in "Bacon number," followed by a celebrity's name, will bring up the star's number as well as the film/actor route taken to determine that number, because numbers are meaningless unless tied to knowledge, like the knowledge Keaton was in Batman with Jack Nicholson, who was with Bacon in A Few Good Men. The Bacon future is now. Those boys down at Google have joylessly done it again. Give it a try for yourself at (all forward slashes).

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