Nicolas Cage Seeking Out Additional Justice in 'I Am Wrath'

September 11, 2012


Still not justice-sated after all the justice manically sought in Seeking Justice, Nicolas Cage is now reportedly out "to find justice on his own" in a different but similarly-Cageian action-thriller.

According to Deadline, Cage will star in I Am Wrath, a crime film likely to be The French Connection director William Friedkin's follow-up to Killer Joe. In line with recent parts in Seeking Justice and Stolen, Cage will once again be in vigilante mode, on the hunt for his personal, shouted style of vengeance following an attack on his family; he'll play Stanley (we're running out of generic names for these characters), a man who, after the murder of his wife, finds the police to be ineffectual and goes after the killer himself, on the way uncovering a web of police corruption. Weighing everything mankind knows about this type of Nicolas Cage movie, Nicolas Cage will also almost certainly scream, "I am wrath!" That part is going to be the best part.

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