Nicolas Cage Will Manically Defend the First Amendment

September 27, 2012


A longtime, extremely-vocal supporter of the right to violently shout whatever insane rant someone has written down for him, Nicolas Cage will now defend that First Amendment right as a lawyer in Amicus, a thriller that pairs him with Donnie Darko and The Box director Richard Kelly.

According to Variety, the film will span 25 years, telling a true story of greed and murder that ultimately led to a historic First Amendment case that decided whether or not it's cool to publish explicit instructions on how to get away with killing people. Cage would play real-life attorney and law scholar Rodney Smolla, who helped families sue the publishers of Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors after the book was used as a guide for a hitman hired to kill a man's wife, wealthy quadriplegic son, and a night nurse in their Maryland home (this being before the days YouTube provided such vivid how-to's on despicable acts).

The true crime film marks a departure for Kelly, whose films have thus far tended to include dark, indulgent sci-fi/fantasy elements to be increasingly-decried by critics. Cage, too, will be covering some new ground with Amicus, as the thriller reportedly marks what will somehow be the first time anyone has thought to cast Nic Cage as a lawyer. Though, strangely, this will not be the first time Cage has defended the Bill of Rights, as he does already have some experience championing The Right to Bear Arms.

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