Philip Seymour Hoffman Directing Ghost-Whispering Drama

September 18, 2012


Philip Seymour Hoffman has lately been busy with acting--appearing in The Master, A Late Quartet, and soon The Hunger Games: Catching Fire--but soon the director of Jack Goes Boating is getting back behind the camera for Ezekiel Moss, a film that sound equally Amish and like the Jennifer Love Hewitt series Ghost Whisperer.

Written by Keith Bunin, the script made it on the 2011 Black List, and centers on "a mysterious stranger" whose mysteriousness lies largely in his claimed ability to speak to the souls of the dead. He visits a small town in Nebraska and changes the lives of its residents; a widow and her 11-year-old son are said to be touched in particular, presumably because the stranger can channel the late husband and father, and let the wife know if it's okay to start dating any portly strangers that show up acting all alluring and mysterious. Not that Hoffman has yet signed on to star, but, you know, you kind of assume he will. Or if not him, then at least another similarly-shaped ghost whisperer.


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