'Promised Land' Trailer: Will Hunting and Jim Get Serious About Fracking (As Does Hal Holbrook)

September 21, 2012


You saw him in the Lincoln trailer, you swooned, you demanded more, and you've got it: another end-of-year release starring 87-year-old Hal Holbrook. The veteran actor stars alongside Matt Damon, John Krasinski, Frances McDormand, and Rosemarie DeWitt in Promised Land, a drama in which Damon plays an all-American gas company shyster looking to get another in a long line of small towns to fork over their land. Standing in his way is the all-American John Krasinski, a local leading an opposition force in pointing out that fracking is sort of a terrible idea unless you are a Captain Planet villain. Gus Van Sant directs from a script by Damon, Krasinski, and Dave Eggers. It's a Good Will Hunting reunion! It's an Away We Go reunion! It's Hal fuckin' Holbrook, baby.

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