Scant Few 'Nothing But Trouble' Fans Can Now Fight Over Boris Vallejo's Original Art

September 17, 2012


Though Dan Aykroyd's sole directorial effort, 1991's Nothing But Trouble, was an utter failure critically and commercially, those who saw the film in their youth have likely had a hard time ever fully shaking it from their memory--largely thanks to the film's surprisingly grotesque makeup effects, equally-haunting vision of a shadow government controlled by a 106-year-old backwoods judge, and a Digital Underground performance that would be the most out-of-place element of the film were it not for the sheer cartoonishness of the closing shot. Now, those indelibly scarred by Aykroyd's weirdly-phallic prosthetic nose can forever stare at it dangling on their wall, as artist Boris Vallejo's original promo painting is up for sale.

With a suggested price tag of nearly $9000, it's a pretty sizable investment, but clearly a wise one. Or at least as wise as bidding on Aykroyd's pimp gauntlet from Doctor Detroit.

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