'Spiders 3D' Trailer Earns Its Ambitious Title

September 28, 2012


Opening in a crudely-rendered section of space, the Spiders 3D trailer explains, "an abandoned space station holds a terrible secret... and it's about to get out." That secret? Spiders, it turns out. Or, as they're more vividly described later, "huge spiders." Thanks a to a meteor that crashed into said space station and continued into New York, now the huge spiders are in rampaging through Manhattan, and for some reason our last line of defense lies in the giant-bug-killing experience of former Starship Trooper Patrick Muldoon, who here is playing an MTA train dispatcher. His daughter is in that huge-spider-infested building!

Here's the trailer. The production values say SyFy, but the implied necessity of 3D glasses say, "Shit, we didn't think about that. We figured we'd just toss this on SyFy."

"So that's what this is about... huge spiders." Surprising they would leave in the actor's sad realization, but hey, it works.

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