'Star Trek' Sequel Title Probably Revealed

September 10, 2012


It's more like a Wheel of Fortune Before & After than you probably imagined.

The title? Star Trek Into Darkness. Or so it would seem from the recent registrations of startrekintodarkness.com and startrekintodarknessmovie.com by MarkMonitor, the domain registry service Paramount has been known to use in securing their film urls. So, what do you think the title could mean? Will there be darkness? Will there be a colon thrown in there? Will the crew finally find that planet where their entire society is based around 1920s gangster clichés? Isn't it annoying how, even though smartphones and tablets have basically realized the amazing handheld technologies of Star Trek, roads and toilets and doors and stuff are still pretty much the same shit they've always been since you've been born? A lot to think about.

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