'Stoker' Trailer: 'Oldboy' Director's English Debut Will Be the Most Harrowing Part of Your Day

September 26, 2012


Park Chan-wook goes super intense for his English-language debut with Stoker, a psychological thriller that stars Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman, and Matthew Goode in a Shadow of a Doubt-inspired story of a bereaved teen, her horrible widowed mother, and a sexually-forward uncle that shows up and seems to have more on his mind than just coolly lounging around (though he definitely has that on his mind, too). This first trailer impresses with a mix of beautiful stylishness and taut, haunting drama, and impresses even further by not spoiling all the twists it seems to set up.

From the looks of things, Park may have finally made a creepy, touchy uncle film that matches the creepiness of actual creepy, touchy uncles. Celebrate the occasion with a disgusted shutter, and watch the trailer below.

Featuring a screenplay by Wentworth Miller, music by Clint Mansell, and introducing Dermot Mulroney as Photo of Dad. Stoker hits theaters March 1.

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